right: Abe Shainberg at his Aquarelle booth at the Plural Realities Show at Saphira Ventura Gallery. August 17-29.2016. 4 West 43rd Street, suite 415. All Welcome.
left: Sarah of Sweden and Monaco shows off her painting of Vejbystrand at dusk, where she vacationed as a child.

Aminu shows off her Gusinje, Montenegro painting at NY Health & Racket Club, 56th Street.

NYC’s Belmont Galleries Features Jewish Artwork on Web Site

Abe Shainberg & Pres. Asher Zamir stand in front of Abe's

Abe Shainberg & Pres. Asher Zamir stand in front of Abe's

Abe Shainberg through his online Belmont Galleries has been around in the art world, including the Jewish art world for over 20 years. He started Neuman – Shainberg Galleries in Boro Park in the 90’s and has since become a dealer, broker, representative, and finally an artist himself, selling his own works.

One can see the various artworks at www.belmontgalleries.com, where you can view the various galleries including: Traditional, Judaica, Modern , Abstract and Shainberg’s work in both the Shainberg Gallery and the Shainberg Lithos, which are reasonably priced for framed works.

Abe was the attorney and confidante of the late and great Morris Katz, the world’s fastest artist. Morris taught Abe his Instant Art method in oil and acrylic and Abe incorporated this visionary style, of seeing the whole picture at once, in his transparent watercolors.

His works are Chagalesque and use color boldly. Yet the colors seem to mesh into a unified whole without being too loud or overpowering. There are several series that deserve mention. The Judaica is original, beautiful and informative all at once. His Holiday series includes the “Days of Awe”, “Succoth”, “Passover”, “Chanukah”, “Purim”, “Shavuoth”, “Lag Ba’Omer” and two Shabbos editions: One of a Rabbi teaching Torah to his grandchildren as the Sabbath approaches and one depicting a young mother teaching her 8-year-old daughter how to light the Sabbath candles. Truly mesmerizing. It brings the old world into a modern view. The setting for the candles looks like any kitchen in Flatbush, Brooklyn today.

Elissa Blaser, a collector, on Abe’s art: “Abe Shainberg's paintings emit a light that fills a room. Bold color, reminiscent of the impressionist painters, pull the eye into the picture. One enters into the paintings to join the scene. The mood of the painting embraces the viewer: In the seasons’ collection, one is suddenly feeling the burst of springtime or chill of autumn. In the holiday collection, one can see the religious drama, yet want to join in and share the experience of the people in the painting. The primitive art in the holiday pieces adds whimsey, a light touch that enhances the sense of majesty connected to each holiday. These holidays belong to heaven and earth. They depict the supernatural in the very earthly setting of people you might know.”

People universally like his Jerusalem drawings, which are dreamy and powerful. Abe also has an extensive collection of landscapes and seascapes the world over. He also interprets and re-interprets other master painters into his breezy and warm style.

Abe lived in Flatbush for many years while raising his children. Today he lives in New York and davens at Park East Synagogue. A lithograph of his famous work “Western Wall (Kotel) at Dusk” hangs in the Rabbi’s study and each Assistant Rabbi has a lithograph of the various Judaica works. There will be a one-man show in early Fall this coming year. The Midtown Sefardic center displays his art in the main sanctuary.

The Judaica Gallery boasts pieces from Itshak Holtz, Morris Katz, the late SeviRefaeli of Miami Beach, whom Abe represented for a few years as well as works from: Tobiasse, Nissan Engel, YosslBergnr, Albert Goldman, Eli Grebel,Vanounou, Victor &V. Zaslavsky. New artists can be seen such as: Cindy Shaoul, Lynn Russell & Sherry Blatman in the Modern Gallery. The Traditional gallery boasts fine art works from E. Degas, J. Stella, George Inness, Dvornik and a collection of oils from Arlene Steinberg that are simply magical.

Sarah Herbert Galloway, a chair of the National Meningitis Association with Abe Shainberg's "Yesterday", a watercolor auctioned off for charity at their Gala at the Pierre. it was purchased by Jim Luce.
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