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We'd like you to meet our artists:
  • Sevi Refaeli - In his Miami Beach, Florida studio.
  •  A Rabbi and an artist, Rafaeli is indeed a rare person who has successfully brought two divergent careers together into a blend of beauty and harmony. In such far flung places such as Paris, London, Australia, South Africa, Milan, Buenos Aires, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, the Caribbean, Caracas, Curacao, San Paolo, Chicago and finally Miami Beach, Florida, he has painted and exhibited there all. Rafaeli has the ability to communicate a deep innermost feeling and expression of love of his land and devotion to his people. His impressions of the streets and marketplaces of Jerusalem and Safed are a combination of ancient and modern day stories while the holy Temple conjures up childhood memories of magic words whispered to him by his beloved parents.

     Living in Paris during the dark years of the WW11, he studied art at the famous Ecole des Beaux Arts under the guidance of Jean Soverbie. He was also a member of the underground resistance movement in occupied France. His drawings of French streets commanded upwards of $20,000. in several Sotheby’s auctions. His original drawings without color always commanded the most looks and the highest rewards. He drew Paris, Israel, New York and the Caribbean extensively.

    Rafaeli’s art shows great versatility of matter, mood and technique. His drawings are expertly done, with strong lines, yet with the grace which is characteristic of all his work. He also painted in watercolor and oil and dabbled in ceramics and painting on glass. He employs all with economy and great delicacy.

    On occasion he will create an effect with impasto or with intense colors, which make for a feeling of awe, as in his depiction of an interior of a synagogue, or for a joyous mood as with his colorful still life flower paintings. All his works of art are infused with a delight, affection and poetry. His art beckons us into a world of beauty, and meaning and conveys the intellectual intellectualism of a magnificently gifted artist. We will miss him greatly.

    Sevi Refaeli at work in his studio. Find his works in both Judaica & Modern Galleries.

  • Morris Katz - The master of the Paint Good & Fast method, Morris is known for his television show on public television where he taught you to paint in ten minutes and for his Catskills art which was produced in a few moments. He also is known in the art world as a master draughtsman, drawer and portrait painter. Morris, a student of the Art Student League in NYC completed a full series of the American Presidents, Rabbis & religious leaders and many famous people throughout his lifetime. He recently passed on and will be sorely missed.   Judaica & Modern Gallery.
  •  Victoria Steinberg - presents a captivating perspective of still life, portrait and landscape subjects, through a dedication to the mastery of realism, executed in oil painting. Her work embodies light form and color with skillful strokes suggestive of Dutch masters. Ms. Steinberg carries forward the refined tradition of “chiaroscuro” or direct light.
    Years of study at the world renowned Art Students League in New York City with such Twentieth Century masters as Robert Brackman, David Leffel, Gary Fagen, Daniel Greene, Robert Johnson, Peter Cox and Greg Kreutz have empowered her to produce elegant compositions. These compositions embrace concepts of cast shadows, definitive and lost edges, all transmitted in reflected light and full-bodied colors.

  • Steinberg - "the Accordionist"
    Ms. Steinberg has undertaken commissioned portraits for Marilyn Horne and Michael Moriarty, among others. Mrs. Lawrence Rockefeller donated one such painting to the Sloan Kettering Hospital; Her portrait of Ms. Horne is on display at the University of Southern California. The esteem in which she is held resulted in an honor by the ALS Foundations, which has acquired her work for their archives.     Traditional gallery.                                                                                                                                                          
  • Abe Shainberg - with Jackie Mason & Morris Katz.    Abe, a former comedy writer and filmmaker, now paints watercolors  and works as a lawyer and in corporate marketing. Abe still writes screenplays for film & television.  Abe is a Sustaining Associate Member of AWS, the American Watercolor Society.
  •   Shainberg, "Wailing Wall at Dusk". Shainberg Gallery.
  • Neil Kerman (New York, 1948) is no ordinary painter. Professionally, as an Abstract Artist, he has exhibited for the last three months, when he was discovered by the Saphira & Ventura Gallery.  Currently, Neil Kerman, artist, is showing some of his works in Ibiza in the Marta Torres gallery until 29th August.

     At the Kerman owned Nursing homes in the States, Mr.  Kerman has created an atmosphere where colour is the protagonist, and whose corridors his works decorate. He is a strong champion of color therapy in as an alternative and curative treatments for residents especially with Alzheimer’s disease. 

  • Chaim "Victor" Shrem - is an artist and gallery owner. His CARDO Gallery is located in the Cardo right near the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. He paints in acrylics, watercolors and mixed media, specializing in scenes of Israel. His colorful, vibrant happy scenes are much in demand and attest to his mastery over the semi abstract landscape. 
  • Cindy Shaoul - Cynthia Rebecka Shaoul is the grandaughter of Hudson Valley artist, Albert Nemethy Sr.. She studied at the Budhai Art Institute in Hungary and the Art Students League in NYC. Cindy has sold paintings in the Heritage Auction, Alexander Gallery and was commissioned to paint a major storefront mural in Israel. 
  • She is currently collaberating with Angel Ortiz who worked with Keith Haring and they are having a show at Gallery 69 called, "Cars." Cindy's style has been called, "emotive, changing, surreal, interactive and storytelling." She agrees her art tells stories that evoke  Love, Life, Happiness & Family. Cindy comes from a great family of artists, art dealers & filmmakers.Modern Gallery.
  • Shaoul, "Girl with Pearls".
  • Richard McBee is a painter of Biblical subject matter and writer on Jewish Art. From 2000 until 2014 he wrote about the Jewish Arts for the Jewish Press and continues to exhibit paintings, lecture and curate Jewish art exhibitions.  He is a founding member of the Jewish Art Salon. His essay “Contemporary Jewish Art: The Challenge” was published in the 2014 Journal of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. His website;, exhibits over 300 of his artworks and 250 of his Jewish Art reviews.

  • David Lloyd Glover - A "Vivid Impressionist", hailing from Victoria, BC, Canada, now residing in West Hollywood, Ca. David has authored many art books for Walter Foster. He started as an illustrator and watercolorist, then moved to oils and acrylics. He paints all scenes and characters with real emotional impact and uses a large palette of color. Influenced by Disney, Monet, Sargent and Wyeth , his art is both romantic and magical.
  • Joshua Wiseman paints Kabbalistic and holy paintings using the Torah as his source. His gallery is in Jerusalem near machine Yehudi Shuk and his address is 115 Agrippas. A new and inspired Chosid, he grew up in California and has a degree from Berkley.

  • Mayer Morcos - -       "Kotel Prayers".
  • Known Israeli artist dealing with many subjects, including Jewish life & geography. Find his works in the Judaica Gallery.
  • Ben Avram - Edward Ben Avram (born 1941) is an artist who was born in Bombay, India and immigrated to Israel as a teenager. He graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 1965 and continues to make his home in Jerusalem. Most of Ben Avram’s oil paintings and watercolors portray Israeli cities, religious festivals, and Bible stories. He paints in creamy sensual tones incorporating symbols such as doves, a menorah, and Shabbat candles. Judaica.
  •                      Ben Avram - Crown of Jerusalem
  • Fortune Harari is an educator, artist and writer. Her works are Abstract, semi - abstract and have motifs of peace & love. You can catch more of her work on Facebook and Pinterest. Below: Fortune at Sephora.
  • Beck Berrett -  Beck at work in her studio.
  •  Studied at Parson's, the New School for Design. From Utah, now lives in Brooklyn.
  • Abe Shainberg with Artist ORLANDO at the April 2016 ARTEXPO show in Manhattan.

  • Lynn Russell, 
  • Twelve years ago Russell reconnected with her Orthodox Jewish Heritage. She lives and works in the Boro Park community of Brooklyn, Russell portrays the artist as documentarian with energetic, intriguing narratives that beckon the viewer’s involvement.   Her art is a confluence of impressionism and realism assimilated into one cohesive multifaceted visual, that capture the immediacy and spontaneity of live events-indoors and on the street.  Russell’s style is a synergy of oil painting and photographic imagery that resonates with a reverence for the subject matter and evokes a feeling of life being lived in the present.
  • Maya Green -  Ukranian artist who immigrated to Tiberias  and paints landscapes with the palette knife technique. The contrast between light & shadow is her emphasis and the change of seasons. She breaks down her art into" light, dark, balance, movement and tone", and feels her vulnerablity is reflected on her canvases. Maya has had one woman shows in the Ukraine, U.S.A. and Israel.
  • Green, "Field of Pink" - Modern Gallery.                                                                                                                                                          
  • Albert Goldman - He was an acting Minister of Hotels & Tourism in Israel and has recently passed on. His works reflect his love of the artist Reuven Rubin and they magically twinkle and come alive on canvas. For more works by this artist, contact the gallery. Judaica Gallery.
  • Vanounou - Known throughout the world and in Israel for his deep, creative, spiritual & philosophical Mixed Media          (collage includes pen, marker, watercolor & acrylic) works that sell to collectors and museums. Judaica & Modern Gallery.
  • Yossl Bergner - Known mostly for his post Holocaust art that gave life to the very ceremonial objects of Judaism. His Havdolo boxes and Shabbos sets actually spring to life in his paintings as you can see them jumping for joy at their survival. Judaica Gallery.
  • Itshak Holtz - The greatest living Jewish artist today, Itshak resides both in Washington Heights and Jerusalem and has painted hundreds of works depicting Jewish life all over the world. His works are collected by those who know and are shown in museums around the world. Judaica Gallery.
  • Holtz, "The Thinker"
  • Susan Marx paints abstract works in acrylic. She loves to paint outdoors. Here is a picture of her creating one of her works of art en plein.
  • Natalia Piacheva - This young lady from Montreal, Canada floods her works with color, balanced composition and warmth and brings Canada right to the viewer. Natalia has two diplomas from famous Russian art schools: Serov College of Art & Design and Stroganov University of Fine Art & Design, Moscow, 1997.
  • Her work has been showcased in expositions ranging from the Central House of Arts in Russia, to the Exposition Centre in the Shaliapin Museum, in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall to the Montreal Solo Exhibition and the New York Art Expo.  You can find her works in the Modern Gallery.
  • Piacheva - "Montreal Boats"
  • yayev - "Rowing to the Bridge". Modern Gallery

Anatoly Metlan - was born in Yalta in Southern Ukraine near the Black Sea. His parents were artists as well. He attended Krivoi Rog University and began exhibiting while still in College. He was accepted to the Artists Guild in Ukraine in 1989.
In 1991, he emigrated to Israel with his family. Metlan enjoys travelling to Italy & France in summers to paint the coasts.
You can find his dreamy, colorful works in the Modern Gallery.

                                                                                                                                     Anatoly Metlan, Sunstreaked Boats

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